If you have specific goals when it comes to your health and fitness, you have come to the right place. Fusion's coaches want to help you achieve your fitness goals in the fastest and safest time possible. They are dedicated to help you Earn Your Results every step of the way.


What is Team Training?

Work out with others who are looking to achieve the same thing you are. RESULTS!!!
By the end of this 50 minute workout using you will know that your EARNED IT! 
Workouts consist of using kettlebells, TRX, ropes, and other functional tools
to give you an incredible workout.

Never be bored again with your workout and see the results you want.

How do I get started?

Call one of Fusion Fitness Consultants @ 302.738.4580 
and let them know you are interested in the Team Training Trial.

* Team Training is a challenging workout and sometime can
be very intense. If you have any medical conditions or injuries,

this type of workout is not recommended.

Can I just show up for a workout?

We limit the number of people to each session to 10 people.
You must sign up with the front desk to make sure we have space
in the class. It is highly recommended to sign up as soon
as possible to guarantee your spot.

Where is the class schedule located?

You can look at the schedule on this page (right below) or pick one up
at the front desk. Also feel free to call our fitness consultants
at 302.738.4580 for more information on classes.

Team Training - Class Schedule

(Click To Download PDF)